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Red Tide Fishing Videos

We present some videos of deep sea fishing and bottom fishing, also of groups, the fishing world championship in Marbella 2012, shooting of TV program, as well as photographs of our boat and equipment. I hope you enjoy it ....

Videos gallery. Red Tide Charter.

Fishing Charter RED TIDE, Deep sea Fishing.

  • Bottom Fishing.

    Diferentes tomas de pesca de fondo en el Red Tide

  • Dentex, bottom fishing.

    Bottom fishing video, Dentex and snapper.

  • Tuna fishing videos.

    Diferentes videos de pesca de atun a currican y brumeo..

RED TIDE, Fishing charter boat in Puerto Banus.

  • Atun, pesca a brumeo

    Pesca de atun a brumeo. Con cebo vivo.

  • Giant tuna. Trolling.

    Giant tuna fishing. Trolling from Malaga coast.

  • Big Snapper. Bottom fishing.

    Big snapper fishing. Bottom fishing with live bait.

Fishing Trips. Videos de capturas.

  • Dentex, bottom fishing

    Pesca con cebo vivo y captura de Denton.

  • Tuna, bottom fishing.

    Tuna caught with live bait. Marbella 2015.

  • Tuna fishing in Marbella.

    Atun, pesca a brumeo con Red Tide charter.

Fishing boat Videos.

  • Atun, pesca a brumeo.

    Atun pescado a brumeo. Pesca con cebo vivo.

  • Tuna, trolling fishing.

    Doble picada, dos capturas, pesca a currican.

  • Fondos de pesca en Marbella.

    Video de los fondos de pesca en Marbella. 36 metros.