Deep Sea Fishing en Marbella

Tuna fishing, trolling fishing, big game fishing.

Deep Sea Fishing, Trolling and with live bait fishing in Marbella

Fishing trips in Marbella. RED TIDE is a boat specially prepared for fishing, line separators outriggers, fighting chair, the best equipment from 130 to 30 pounds, artificial lures or live bait. Do not let the chance to try. Between the months of March to November and trolling for giant from mid-June to late July.

Deep Sea Fishing Charter. Puerto Banus, Marbella

  • Giant tuna fishing, Red Tide charter boat
    Deep sea fishing. Trolling Fishing

    Trolling is a fishing method that is based on drag lures, either natural or artificial. Speed It is done appropriate to the species to find and lures to use, being logically faster for big tuna and marlin, and slower speeds for minor species. Deep sea fishing Trolling is when done outside the coastline and great depths.

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    In action with 80 pounds equipment.

    Usually use line separators, so we can distribute the best lures in Boat wake at different distances and measures, this provision of fishing line is to custom and experience captain. We will practice usually trolling or fishing brumeo height, between the months of June to October.

  • Tuna fishing. trolling fishing in Marbella and Estepona.

    Bottom trolling with live bait, looking tuna.

    For trolling we have 80 and 130 pounds equipment: Penn International rods and reels Alutecnos. For trolling lighter, Shimano rods and reels 30 lbs. The lures used are the best on the market. Super tested and proven as the most effective. We also do trolling with live bait and dead natural bait, both surface and lowering them a downrigger.

The red tide, a boat designed and built for fishing

  • Giant tuna trolling. Strait of Gibraltar.
    Bluefin tuna, best trophy fishing.

    We teach you and help them achieve their best catch .... you have to be that opportunity. The Red Tide Charter fishing put the equipment and our knowledge, you bring the illusion.

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    Trolling Fishing in Strait of Gibraltar

    A fully equipped for sport fishing, with all instrumentation, security and fishing equipment

  • Puerto Banus, Marbella. Holidays in Marbella.
    Fishing Tuna with live bait.

    Fishing tuna with live bait, from Marbella, fishing trips of 4 and 8 hours.