Coastal Trolling.

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Coastal Trolling. Fishing boat in Marbella.

The coastal trolling can be practiced throughout the year, no more than 5 miles offshore. In the warm months following the dolphinfish, bullet tuna, bonito and minor species. In Winter, we try to catch fish lemons, leerfish and bass. Or bottom trolling, in winter, spring and summer.

Fishing Charters. Coastal trolling. Puerto Banus, Marbella

  • Coastal Trolling, fishing bonitos.
    Coastal trolling in Marbella.

    At depths between 3 and 10 meters, near the coast, usually on rocky areas, we put two rods with artificial lures. We look for the bass. We may also have catches of dentex, amberjack and minor species such as mackerel and horse mackerel.

  • Trolling with lures. Fishing boat, day trips in Marbella
    Trolling with artificial lures.

    In summer, when groups of mackerel and tannins are plentiful, we look for hot spots, mackerel banks to go after the young of sardines, anchovy and horse mackerel. It's especially fun with multiple and abundant catches.

  • Bonito, trolling in Marbella with Red Tide boat.
    Fishing equipment, also for kids.

    We use light equipment for the more coastal areas where there is less fondo..Y most appropriate equipment, with more thread capacity and brake in areas where we can have chopped more important: bonitos, amberjack, dentex, dolphinfish, leerfish, etc.

The RED TIDE, fishing charter boat in Puerto Banus

  • Fishing Trips in EspaƱa. Marbella, Malaga

    Trolling near to the coast.

  • Fishing boat with all equipment. Marbella.

    Coastal trolling fishing trips with Red Tide boat.

  • Sea bass, mackerell, bullet tuna, bonitos, horse mackerel.

    Depending on the season of year, we have chance to catch different species.