Bottom trolling. Marbella

Pesca de atun a currican. Pesca de altura en Malaga.

Bottom Trolling. Fishing Trips in Marbella.

They are trolling fishing, but which places a lure, artificial or live bait, at the desired depth. Usually in the background. We used a downrigger. The depth in which we do this trolling is between 14 and 42 meters, looking for dentex, capitones, grouper, haddock. In summer also for tuna.

Bottom trolling. Fishing Charter. Puerto Banus, Marbella

  • Dentex, trolling at 25 meter depth. Marbella.
    Bottom trolling with downrigger.

    We use downriggers with steel cable and lead. We also replaced the lead by a large glider as the Z-wing. With this system, we troll our lures between 14 and 42 meters, which are funds that typically seek the catches

  • Denton. Fishing boat in Marbella. Fishing trips Fuengirola.
    Trolling with downrigger.

    Usually, for convenience, artificial lures are used, choosing different brands, models and colors, depending on species that funds and pursue. As for color, I prefer to use colors that predominate in species that are baits of these predators and throughout time very striking colors.

  • Denton, currican de fondo en barco. Marbella.
    Marbella has very good fishing places..

    If the minimum speed of your boat permits (no more than 3 knots), is fishing with live bait. A squid, a cuttlefish, mackerel, horse mackerel, needle spit, either species used as bait is better than artificial. The depth to make trolling, in my experience, is very attached to the bottom to groupers and haddock and not so close to dentex, sea bass or yellowtail.

RED TIDE, a boat equipped for fishing

  • Fishing trolling with downrigger. Fishing trips in Malaga, Marbella.
    Fishing trolling with downrigger. Marbella, Malaga

    Bottom trolling. All year and spring as best season

  • Bottom fishing, trolling fishing with downrigger. Malaga.
    Where to fish in Malaga, Marbella undoubtedly.

    Electric downrigger, best rods and reels, that's our equipment for trolling.

  • Fishing in Puerto Banus, Marbella. Holidays in Marbella.
    Dentex, grouper, haddock, capitones.

    Fishing in RED TIDE boat, also in summer trolling with downrigger and live bait looking tuna.