Bottom Fishing in Marbella

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Bottom Fishing in Marbella

Bottom fishing excursions. Up to 8 anglers at a time, the ship RED TIDE has a large space for fishermen to fish without let or tangles. Live bait and the best bottom fishing equipment, large capacity reels and strength of recovery, besides other equipment, electric fishing reels for very deep fishing. Fishing throughout the year.

Bottom Fishing Trips in Port Banus, Marbella

  • Dentex, fishing with live bait. Marbella. Fishing charter boat.
    Bottom fishing boat trips. Live bait.

    Bottom fishing is usually done with stationary boat, at anchor to not get out of that place we know we have good stones, a cut, a sunken ship, etc ...Sometimes a simple rig with a hook, and low lead to freely go with the tide; along with several hooks called chambel and usually baited with natural and fresh bait: squid, sardines, crabs, shrimps, prawns, etc ...

  • Big snapper. Bottom fishing with live bait, in a Red Tide fishing charter boat. Marbella
    Big snapper. Bottom fishing with live bait.

    The bottom fishing areas are coral or rocky bottoms, where cracks, cuts; steep slopes of stones guarantee us that catches are looking for. From a few meters to over 100 meters.

    To locate these funds rocks, corals, coral gravel, etc ... we have a sonar with latest technology equipment. Also sandy areas between stones are sought by Gilthead fish, mud flats for bream. That is, bottom fishing is very diverse in species and generally ensures a fun day by the amount and variety.


  • Dentex, bottom fishing trips in Malaga.
    Bottom fishing with live bait, a good reward, dentex.

    One way to ensure occasionally a good piece, is to put a small live bait fish you're on fishing mackerel, small sea bream, etc ... with a stronger gear, nylon 60 and two hooks or jigging. Species that can surprise are haddock, bream, capitones, amberjack, sea bass, etc. In large funds, 100-200 meters good catches of sea bream, conger and moray eels, dogfish, redfish and greater fork.

The RED TIDE, fishing trips boat for sport fishing.

  • Bottom fishing, snapper with natural bait. Fishing trips in Marbella.
    Snapper, bottom fishing with natural bait.

    Bottom fishing catches guarantees generally varied of snappers, white sea bream, black sea bream, mackerel, comber fish, etc.

  • fishing charter, fishing trip Marbella, Estepona, Malaga.
    Bottom fishing in Marbella. Nice snapper in Marbella.

    Marbella is a real treat for bottom fishing. Coral reefs, seamounts, deep wrecks ..... A fishing quality and variety that will make you enjoy.

  • Scorpion fish, bottom fishing with Red Tide boat, Port Banus, Marbella. Holidays in Marbella.
    A much appreciated catch, scorpion fish

    And with good opportunity of dentex, bream, snapper, capitones, conger eels, groupers ... but you must try¡¡¡